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VAIA offers products and services with a positive impact, aimed at actively supporting companies on a sustainability path consistent with ESG principles and the 2030 Agenda Goals. CSR activities and projects developed in partnership with VAIA become ‘best practices’ that can be reported in the sustainability report as well as used in communication strategies for stakeholders.

Our Business Units are
VAIA Cube and VAIA Focus: corporate gifts

VAIA amplifiers are unique gifts, ideal for any corporate initiative where you want to impress guests with a unique gift that generates concrete action and represents a message of revival.

VAIA Events: corporate occasions

We make corporate events carbon neutral by calculating CO2 and absorbing it through our certified planting activities.

VAIA Experience: team building

The VAIA planting activities can be experienced first-hand through events and experiences in the unique surroundings of the Dolomites.

VAIA Academy: training

We promote sustainability training as a tool to generate responsible behaviour and strengthen the corporate culture of employees.

VAIA Hospitality: tourism

We take care of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, by giving accommodation providers the opportunity to offer a more conscious and sustainable holiday.

Team up with VAIA to have a regenerative impact!
Sustainability, the benefits

The common thread that links all these areas is always an approach to sustainability that is open to everyone, from employees to management.

The benefits for the company
– Contribute to goals 11, 13 and 15 of the 2030 Agenda
– Be a positive example for stakeholders
– Be an active agent of environmental, social and ethical change
– Create awareness and sustainable behaviour within the company.

The VAIA B2B team
slider image Giuseppe Head of Corporate Partnerships

I am one of the founders of VAIA and work with companies to build the foundations for the world we want to leave to future generations.

slider image Davide Corporate Developer at VAIA

I am an innovator with a positive heart and guide companies through their path to sustainability.

They chose us

SDA Bocconi chooses VAIA to emphasise the value of sustainability by giving 400 VAIA Cubes to participating managers of the Executive MBA for Christmas.

Gillette honours its ambassadors with VAIA products to launch the sustainable packaging of a new product line.

Sony Music and Marco Mengoni donate VAIA Cubes with the artist’s signature to the main Italian radio stations and plant a VAIA forest to absorb the CO2 emissions associated with the production of the album Materia(Terra).

New Holland donates 1150 VAIA Cubes to its stakeholders to communicate its commitment to the 2030 Agenda goals.

Brother starts a 360° sustainability journey with VAIA: trekking, visiting our craftsmen, team building experiences and tree planting in the Dolomites.

Cassa Centrale (in cooperation with VAIA) calculates and absorbes the CO2 emissions of the annual meeting event by planting 1,500 trees (one for each participant).


Where are the VAIA trees planted? We plant trees throughout the Dolomites, from Trentino Alto Adige to Friuli Venezia Giulia, from Lombardy to Veneto. In some cases, we plant trees in cities with the aim of urban reforestation. We only intervene in forest areas where new trees are needed to accelerate the natural regrowth of the forest and protect local communities from hydrogeological risks.


Which trees are planted by VAIA? Fir, maple, lime, larch, beech, birch, rowan and other trees are planted, depending on the instructions of the forest administration. Each new tree contributes to the extraordinary biodiversity of the Dolomites.


Why does VAIA plant trees? We are reforesting the areas affected by the Vaia storm in 2018 and securing the land. In addition, the planting of trees is of great importance because it is in line with goals 11, 13 and 15 of the 2030 Agenda, helps to combat and mitigate the effects of climate change, promotes the biodiversity of ecosystems, improves air and water quality, protects and stabilises the soil and beautifies the landscape and the territory.


How are the VAIA objects produced? Each VAIA object follows a local and artisanal supply chain linked to the circular valorisation of a precious raw material that would otherwise be lost. Today it is the wood that fell during the Vaia storm, tomorrow it will be other raw materials to which value and dignity can be returned.


Can I become carbon neutral with VAIA? We can calculate the carbon footprint of your events using an algorithm that measures every parameter, from the movement of people to the materials used. Once calculated, we can absorb the CO2 associated with the event by planting new trees in the Dolomites.


How can I collaborate with VAIA? Write to us by filling out our form or call our customer service at +393501395944 for more information.


What can VAIA do for companies? VAIA’s services focus on combating climate change and on the well-being of people. We pursue these two goals with sustainable gifts with a positive impact, team building experiences, training activities, climate neutral events and much more.


Does VAIA carry out CSR projects and sustainability reports? Projects that are developed in cooperation with VAIA bring concrete and measurable benefits for companies and can be recognised in the sustainability report.


Does VAIA have any certifications? Timber harvesting and reforestation is carried out by PEFC-certified local partners. In addition, VAIA has embarked on the path to becoming a B-Corp by 2024.


What impact can working with VAIA have on my stakeholders? The activities carried out with VAIA serve to actively involve employees, suppliers and customers with the aim of creating and consolidating a culture of sustainability within and outside the company.


How can I communicate my commitment to sustainability? We can reinforce your commitment and the positive impact of our partnership with a variety of communication tools: from press releases to sustainability reports, from interviews to social channels, from newsletters to landing pages, from testimonials to workshops and even the creation of photos and videos for every occasion.


Does working with VAIA lead to fulfilment of ESG criteria, GRI reporting and KPIs for the sustainability report? VAIA offers support in the preparation of impact reports and sustainability reporting in accordance with the new European legislation that will come into force in 2024.

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