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Ambassadors are

the spokespeople of VAIA values: they help us tell the story of our project, enabling us to reach future Vaier people.

Marco Mengoni

We teamed up with Sony Music Italia to launch the album “Materia (Terra)”: 150 cubes printed with Marco’s signature, which were distributed to the most important Italian music magazines and radio stations. We imagine a world in which art and sustainability go hand in hand. And if we can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Pope Francis

We had the honour of presenting His Holiness with a VAIA cube as a symbol of the ability to connect people with each other and people with the environment. In addition to the great emotions, we took home this important message from him: “There is no volunteering from a desk: To love others, you have to get involved”.

Sergio Mattarella

We were delighted to be able to present our cube to a high state official. And it has made us even more aware that the project we are pursuing is not only important for the local communities in Trentino: our project is a shared commitment to sustainability, the effects of which can be felt in various areas.

Gregorio Paltrinieri

testimonial of the Dominate the Water project, which we want to support because we believe it is important to valorise our territory in its entirety, from the mountains to the sea. And meeting this “golden boy” in person made us even happier to take our commitment to the waves

Muhammad Yunus

We attended the Global Social Business Summit (Turin, 2022), one of the largest social enterprise events in the world, an opportunity to meet social entrepreneurs and changemakers and learn more about their experiences. And here we met Nobel Peace Prize laureate Yunus, the founder of the summit.


We spokke about the various ways in which sustainability can be practised today. Fundamentally, it’s “creating”: whether it’s a song, an object or a project, creating means leaving something behind as a legacy. And it’s important that this legacy reflects our values and our commitment to doing better.


Wonderful / But look around you / What they gave you’ A great joy when Negramaro also became a VAIER person

Giovanni Storti

When we heard that one of our dice would end up in the hands of one of the pillars of Italian comedy, we thought it was a joke… how nice that it was true and that we were able to meet such a special person on his birthday!

Richard Lee Chi

Incredible musician from Taiwan. We met him during his visit to Italy, where he had his precious instrument set up by a master violin maker. We took him to the violin forest of Paneveggio. There he played among the felled trees and the new saplings planted with our community and gave us great emotions.

Raphael Gualazzi

The sounds of his jazz-blues music, amplified by our VAIA Cube: we always feel part of something special when a musician picks up on our values

Chiara Galiazzo

The common denominator of music meant that we were also infected by Chiara’s energy


When we met this very young but incredibly promising Italian musician, we felt that her voice is a hymn to the imperfection that affects us all and makes us unique.

Stefano Mancuso

“The engine of the earth are the plants”. We amplify the words of one of the world’s leading botanists to remind us that trees are among our most valuable allies in the fight against climate change.

Erri De Luca

The writer, who has always loved the Dolomites, received our symbolic cube as a memento of his long hikes in our mountains.


Who is a VAIA Ambassador? A person who is able to spread, improve and consolidate the values of VAIA and increase the visibility of our projects among the target audience.


How to become a VAIA Ambassador? Contact us via our form. The VAIA team will get in touch with you as soon as possible


Are there any other VAIA Ambassadors? Take a look at our gallery and discover all our ambassadors who have helped us and continue to help us realise VAIA’s vision and mission by supporting our projects and the supply chain of our products.

Do you share VAIA’s values and projects? Do you love our products?

Then share your interest with us and the VAIA ambassadors

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