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Focus on the essentials! VAIA Focus, the smartphone screen amplifier.

Watch your TV series, your films, your favorite sporting events, however you want: sitting at the table, lying on the sofa or in bed, with a soft light to best express its potential. Just place your smartphone behind the lens and you’re done!
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Handwritten on paper derived from seaweed

Made from material recovered from disused boat sails

Combine seaweed paper and a case made from disused sails for a unique gift

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The operation of VAIA Focus, the smartphone screen amplifier, finds inspiration in Nature and is the result of the combination of fir wood and the Fresnel optical lens, an over 200 years old analogue technology: it enlarges the screen of the smartphone while maintaining the visual quality of the image.


The combination of design, craftsmanship and technology results in a lightweight, practical and easy-to-carry amplifier.


The shapes of the VAIA Focus, the smartphone screen amplifier, resemble a moving wave, symbolizing the desire to generate positive energy capable of bringing people together in a community.


A product that also amplifies a vision of the world in which we choose to make an impact, facing the challenges of our time together. To see through the eyes of a Vaier means to look to the future with responsibility and enthusiasm, to grasp the positive side, to focus on what matters. And with VAIA Focus, the smartphone screen amplifier, we have chosen to act to protect the ‘thermometers’ of our planet, the glaciers.

From forests to glaciers

We give new life to wood felled by storm Vaia, involving only local craftsmen

We recover the geotextile cloth used on the Presena glacier with the startup Glac-Up, transforming it into the protective fabric of VAIA Focus

We actively support scientific research and dissemination on the state of glaciers with Ice Memory, an international project financed by the CNR and Ca’ Foscari University and recognised by UNESCO

We are committed to limiting the damage caused by human activity in the Alps with the Summit Foundation project, which envisages land regeneration and waste collection actions at high altitudes

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  • Dimensions: 24.5 × 20 cm 
  • Dimensions of lens: 22.5 × 15.5 cm
  • The magnification capacity is approximately 2 times higher than the screen of currently available smartphones.
  • Visual amplification is best expressed in a dimly lit environment or without light sources.
  • VAIA Focus is designed for individual use.
  • Use with progressive prescription lenses is not recommended.
  • The lens can be washed with a damp cloth and an all-purpose cleaner.

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