The Forest of Innovators //

Divertimento e impatto, insieme: tra talk, incontri e connessione con la natura, abbiamo costruito una Foresta!

The Forest of Innovators

The second edition of an event that year after year will allow us to rebuild the places affected by storm Vaia, creating bonds, and writing the society we want.

The aim is to show how many young people build value for society every day, through research, information, art, sport, and culture. We often focus on what doesn’t work, even though we have a duty to build trust.

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1000 new trees

which are added to last year’s 1000. Each tree planted is dedicated to those who are working to create the future they want: we believe that this is what being an ‘innovator’ is about. Together with the communities of VAIA, Forbes U30, Global Shapers, institutions, and friends.


Participating in the Innovators’ Day organized by VAIA was no ordinary experience. Nature, connections, synergies all came together in one wonderful day. VAIA with its trees is giving an identity of future to an area and to the many young people who find their roots in the growing seedling of a tree. Thank you VAIA ❤️


It was an incredible, constructive, and future-oriented experience. As a future dad, I would like with all my heart that these activities become the ‘norm’ in schools for kids. Thank you again, you will have all my support!


Beautiful experience of teamwork for a better future. In this initiative I am proud to be able to say that I have a sapling planted in my name, as well as many other people who came together with the scoop of exchanging ideas, collaborations and hopes for our environment 🤩


A tangible sign of young people who have ideas, visions, and a desire to improve and make this country even more beautiful. A forest born of enthusiasm, ideas, and beauty. A great initiative of a startup that becomes a social enterprise, intent on improving and really changing things. Starting from a small plant to form a forest.


It was a wonderful experience; planting is the most magical thing a human can do in life. So many guys, so many people united with a great goal: to repair, to innovate, to think about the future. See you soon!