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Glaciers //

We are losing ice surfaces at an accelerating rate. We at VAIA have chosen to take action to study and safeguard our planet’s ‘thermometers’.

Our impact
4000 sqm of geotextiles recovered
10 alpine glaciers cleaned up
3 partners operating in recycling, analysing and clean-up
An important challenge

Glaciers are a valuable database, able to give us information about the climate and the past of our planet. They regulate delicate thermal balances, are a fundamental water reserve and a vital resource for mountain communities. Studying and protecting them must be our common priority.

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How did we react?

We created an artisanal supply chain to give life to a new object, the VAIA Focus, recovering the wood from the Vaia storm but also the sheets used to protect the glaciers in summer. And we have connected institutions, individuals and others in order to combine ecological and social impact.

A Team Effort

With the start-up Glac-Up, we are utilising the geotextile fabric used on the Presena glacier and transforming it into the protective fabric of VAIA Focus.

We actively support scientific research and the dissemination of the state of glaciers with Ice Memory, an international project funded by the CNR and Ca’ Foscari University and recognised by UNESCO.

Our commitment includes combating man-made damage in the Alps. The Summit Fondation project includes measures for land regeneration and waste collection at high altitudes.

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