The ABB Motion Italy forest //
How are we planting trees in the ABB forest?
A geolocated forest

Together, we are creating a forest located at the heart of the Dolomites, a natural UNESCO World Heritage site.

The health and growth of each tree is monitored and certified by our forest partners.

The positions where our trees are planted will be visible on Google and Maps and can be visited in specific time periods to be agreed with the forest agencies.

Absorbed CO₂

The ABB Motion Italia forest will include 2,000 trees planted in the Dolomites. Once they reach their adult age, the trees will absorb the equivalent of 24 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

The rebirth project

The ABB forest trees will be planted in a specific area among the sites struck by the Vaia storm on October 28, 2018.

In those areas, we need to restore the biodiversity of an ecosystem that must be reborn for the well-being of the territory and the local communities.

The planting will be supervised by the ASUCs (civil associations) of the Forest Rangers of the Trento province, that will indicate the exact location and the tree species required.


Planting trees in Italy contributes to meeting the goals of climate change mitigation and adaptation set by the European Union:

  • fighting climate change
  • promoting biodiversity
  • improving air and water quality
  • protecting and safeguarding the soil
The ABB forest with VAIA

The project with which we revive the Dolomites … together!