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VAIA the project
VAIA the project VAIA Cube: the genesis 24 June 2021
Long journeys inspire a certain admiration. Before we close the wrapping that protects the VAIA Cube and hand it over to the courier, we feel a flash of wonder thinking about the arduous journey that this little piece of wood has made.  A short while ago, we recounted the complexities and challenges of the wood […]
VAIA the project Noble imperfections: the new VAIA Cube 22 April 2021
The VAIA Cube imperfetto is the full expression of our vision. It embodies a radical approach to the circular process of raw material recovery, which aims at making full use of “waste”. Only in this way can we fulfil the desire that nothing be left behind.  Logs felled by the VAIA storm in the most inaccessible areas are […]
VAIA the project Back to school 13 April 2021
“Ci saremmo potuti approcciare al racconto di VAIA da 100 altri punti di vista.” Le parole di Nicola e dei ragazzi di Amartia Film in occasione della presentazione del video “Il lato positivo” ci lusingano. Per noi, sono un riconoscimento importante della ricchezza di valori che permea il progetto. Vi abbiamo già parlato del design, del legame con il […]
VAIA the project Why our future depends on wood 3 March 2021
In many respects, Italy suffers from a marked inability to recognise and develop its strengths. It is therefore not surprising that there is insufficient consideration for a raw material that is of strategic importance for our future: wood. There are at least three ways in which we need to think more carefully about this precious resource.  […]
VAIA the project Our 2020 28 December 2020
Dear Vaiers, 365 days present too many frames to behold them all in a single glance. Yet, if the year in question is 2020, it is likely that memory has deliberately erased several portions of a year we all wish to put behind us. Nevertheless, this is for VAIA a year to remember. Since moving […]
VAIA the project When music meets sustainability 15 December 2020
The destinies of VAIA and of the Italian band Eugenio in Via Di Gioia could not have crossed paths in a more auspicious way. On 26 September 2019 the “Eugenii” (plural of Eugenio) have issued Lettera al Prossimo, a digital platform inspired by the homonymous track from their album Natura Viva, with a fundraising campaign […]